5 Event Planning lessons learnt from the Olympics

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July 11, 2016
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September 2, 2016

From the awe and wonder inspired by Fernando Meirelles’s grandiose opening ceremony to the shaking heads of unimpressed spectators at the green, algae-infused diving pools: the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games have been unique in their capacity to stir contrasting feelings. It is from both the event planning prowess demonstrated at the opening ceremony and the organisational failings displayed at the diving pool that we are able to learn some useful lessons.

1. Know your budget and how to work with it

Grassroots protests against government spending on the Olympics have been hot topics in the media’s coverage of the Rio games. The abundance of empty seats at various events lends further weight to the feeling that the price of these games have caused the exclusion of many locals, highlighting the importance of budgeting sensibly for your event.  The more you spend, the harder it is to justify it unless your execution of that spending is successful. Establish your budget early to maintain control of your spending and improve the general organisation of your event.

2. Choose your location and venue wisely

As news of the Zika virus has been effective in discouraging some holiday-goers and athletes alike from travelling to Rio this summer, the significance of making a vigilant selection of the location and venue to hold your event is evident. The Zika virus and news of bad weather dampening the Olympic spirit have highlighted a number of things to consider when choosing the perfect venue such as having an awareness of environmental factors in your chosen area and choosing a reputable, trustworthy venue to name but a few.

3. Good roganisation

The global profile of the Olympic Games and its grand scale has sometimes resulted in illuminating the sometimes compromised, lacklustre organisation and preparation. Olympic village complaints from athletes about the cleanliness of their headquarters illustrate that organising and organising thoroughly will decrease the risk of errors and make easy the complex nature of event organisation.

4. Making your event more memorable with creativity

The colourful, distinctively Brazilian opening ceremony will be remembered for its injection of traditional, carnival style personality and flair that makes it stand out from its London 2012 predecessor. Some inventive, imaginative input will go a long way in sustaining the memorability of your event and delighting your guests with a show of creative excellence.

5. Checking and re-checking

The unmistakeably green diving pools in the Aquatics centre raise some red lights about checking your equipment. As your facilities are what your guests will be using during the event, it is imperative that things like your sound, lighting and general production work and work well! Be sure to be thorough about inspecting your equipment to avoid the embarrassment of Rio’s green diving pool dysfunctionality.

Although we’re operating on a much smaller scale than the Olympic organizers and using a considerably lower budget, Rio’s management of the sporting world’s grandest stage has given the event planners at Invent Your Event many things to ponder.

To reduce the likelihood of an Olympic-esque organisational blunder, Invent Your Event can offer you bespoke, detailed and professional help with arranging your special occasion. Instead of spending hours dwelling over the technicalities and complexity of organizing your event on your own, get in touch with us and let us ensure that the lessons taught by the Olympic Games are well executed.

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