Improve your workforce with Laughter Yoga & Natya Aerobics (Dance Aerobics)

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Both Laughter Yoga & Natya Aerobics are universally praised for their efficacy in improving the physical fitness of those who partake. Aside from the self-evident physical advantages, both exercise forms offer benefits that transcend the physical dimension of exercising through their ability to foster skills that every employer wants to see in their employees. Although both forms are characterised by their enjoyable nature, they are effective in cultivating and refining skills that are desirable in the workplace- albeit, always in a fun, entertaining fashion.

Improve team work

All workers should be able to operate comfortably and efficiently within a group yet some perceive working collaboratively as a source of anxiety. As laughter is a social experience that requires external stimulus, Laughter Yoga can greatly improve the relationships between people in your work place by injecting some fun, light-heartedness into their relations. Conducted in groups, this therapeutic form of exercise can eliminate feelings of rivalry, competitiveness and isolation by fostering cooperation.

Develop cognitive skills

After a laborious day in the office, workers can often feel tired and unmotivated, resulting in a deterioration of their mental faculties. The very nature of Natya Aerobics revitalizes the mind with the repetition of rhythmic, fast-paced movements whilst providing a thorough cardiovascular workout. These varying combinations of dance movements will increase concentration levels and their ability to retain information: mental training that will tease out two important skills that should be nurtured in your workplace.  To get an idea of what this is about, please watch the promotional video by clicking this link and scrolling down the homepage:

Decrease stress levels

Whilst there are numerous services available that target stress management, Laughter Yoga is unique in its ability to relax both body and mind. It works simultaneously to reduce physical and mental stress, improving the happiness and sociability of those who partake. Laughing works positively to instil a healthy mental attitude and restore a sense of optimism in everybody: if your employees are happy, this will result in increased productivity and a better attitude when at work.

Improve communication

A lack of communication between employees can result in decreased productivity. Natya Aerobics has a social dimension through its focus on encouraging participation and its ability to increase the confidence of those who engage. It is therefore an effective way of improving communication skills between people. Laughter Yoga is similar in its ability to do this as it creates an increase in positive emotions and a decrease of negative emotions by bringing a smile to the faces of your staff members. This in turn can play a part in building their confidence, thereby enhancing communication by giving people the confidence to express themselves.

We are holding an introductory Laughter Yoga Workshop on Friday 23rd September at 4:30pm at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.  This Laughter Yoga Workshop is free for all attendees. Book your place on this FREE workshop by contacting us by phone or email.

Continue the professional development of your employees with one of our Laughter Yoga or Natya Aerobic workshops.

Laughter Yoga workshops and Natya Aerobics workshops can be booked through Invent Your Event for your workforce, the pricing will depend on location and number of attendees; a minimum of 10 participants will be required on these workshops.

The price for either of these workshops depends on the location and the number of participants, a 10% discount will be given to GMCC members who book these workshops for their staff.  Please contact Shambhavi by phone or email for further details and bookings.

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