5 Qualities you should look for in an event planner

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September 2, 2016
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October 4, 2016

Planning and managing an event is a laborious undertaking that involves the careful application of a unique skillset. Every event is different because each client has distinct requirements; but every event is similar in that they each need someone to consider and manage a range of factors in order for the event to be executed successfully. Event planning is not a task that can be undertaken by anyone. To be a great event planner and give your client the high standard of service that they deserve, you have to possess certain qualities. Here are five “must have” attributes of every event planner.

1. Passionate about events

Passion for something is inherent and cannot be taught. If someone is passionate about what they do, they often excel in it because passion is what drives them to deliver and maintain high standards of work. Productivity and efficiency is fostered by passion. Your event planner should possess a genuine enthusiasm for managing your event, as event planning is a complex procedure and can be demanding, stressful and difficult.

2. Professional organisation

The backbone of a successful event is organisation.  Planning and preparation will determine whether or not your event is a success. Your chosen event planner must be able to coordinate an event seamlessly. Venue choice, catering, entertainment and a host of other factors have to be considered; event planning is a detailed, fast-paced and long process. Your event planner must be able to keep on top of all of this in order to meet your deadlines.

3. Creative flair

Your event will be made memorable by the creativity and innovative ideas of your event planner that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. It takes a lot more than balloons and a DJ to make your guests remark about how fantastic your event was. You want somebody with an abundance of creative ideas for your event to be remembered for its distinctiveness.

4. Comfortable in leadership roles

Your event planner must be someone who is comfortable with taking charge of your event. When your event planner oversees your event, he or she is taking full responsibility and must be endowed with a level of confidence to ensure that your event is carefully managed and becomes a great success.  If problems arise, he or she must be able to maintain a level head and make informed decisions under pressure, find resolutions to any issues that might arise and ensure that your event becomes the success that you want.

5. Good interpersonal skills

You will no doubt have certain expectations from your event and your event planner.  The focus is always on the client and the attendees, hence excellent interpersonal skills are very important. Good, clear communication between an event planner and the client will ensure that your requirements are met; you should feel comfortable working with your event planner who should be someone with a personable, pleasant manner.

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